About Pure Canola

Once you try our organic cold-pressed canola oil, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it! Cooking and baking with this oil is not only healthier than other oil alternatives, it’s delicious!

Cold-Pressed Canola Oil is the best cooking oil on the market. It’s versatile, easily used in frying and baking, and incredibly healthy. To understand it’s benefits and why cold-pressed oil is fresher than conventional canola oil, we must first look back into history.

History & Hexane

Canola oil was developed as a possible motor oil by automobile tycoon Henry Ford, who also invented the extraction process used in Canola oil today. A chemical, hexane, is added to crushed rapeseed to extract the oil. This process is highly efficient. However, hexane is toxic and makes the canola oil rancid. So, to counter his, the hexane is removed through a series of heating, washings and bleaching to remove the hexane. This processing alters the flavor and nutritional content of Canola Oil.

The Solution:

Expeller or cold-pressed Canola Oil is extracted mechanically, similar to the process of olive oil. Cool and chemical-free pressing preserves the natural nutrients (Omega 6, Omega 3 and Vitamin E) and gives the oil a fresher taste. Why is BetterBody Foods “Cold Pressed”? Most expeller pressed Canola Oils actually use significant heat in the process to get a higher extraction of the oil from the seed. Although the expeller pressed process does not use chemicals, the heat actually kills and destroys the natural nutrients of the oil and reduces the shelf life. BetterBody Foods proprietary “cold pressed process” ensures that our Canola is the best tasting and highest nutrient value of any Canola on the market. You will taste the difference.

Canola Oil vs. Olive Oil

Most people think of Olive Oil as the healthy oil. While Olive is great for many cold applications, it is not as versatile as Canola Oil and should not be cooked with or heated as it has a low-burn temperature and can become carcinogenic. BetterBody’s Organic Cold Pressed Canola, on the other hand, can be used for frying (both pan and deep fat frying), cooking and baking and, in addition, can be used cold for salad dressings because it tastes so great! BBF’s Organic Cold Pressed Canola oil has 0 Trans Fats, is lower in saturated fat and has more Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E than Olive Oil. In fact, the FDA has deemed it the “Heart Healthy” alternative because it is so low in saturated fats (1/3 the amount of Olive Oil, See Chart Below)


Nutritional Comparison

per Serving (1 Tbl.)

BBF’s Organic Cold Pressed Canola

Olive Oil

BodySaturated Fat 5% 15%
Omega 6 2030 mg 1318 mg
Omega 3 364 mg 103 mg
Vitamin E 15% of DV N/A
Uses Comparison
Baking Yes No
Frying Yes No
Sautéing Yes Yes
Salad Dressing Yes Yes